We had a refreshing time in the presence of God during the 3 Days of “Resurrection Power” programme. God’s servant Evangelist Daniel Schot of the Global Evangerlistic Network, Germany gave a Teaching on the followings:

Day 1 – Keys For Revival

We are part of an international Kingdom

2 Chronicles 7:14
  • Humility is the key to more grace. He gives grace to the humble. Humble people are prayerful people. God I can’t do it on my own please help me.
  • Prayer – prayer is releasing the Will of God on Earth.
  • Seeking Gods face: to know God more, fellowship with him. Moses wanted to see the face of God, Paul wanted to know Jesus More
  • Turn from their Wicked ways – Repentance

Day 2 – God is looking for Anyone

Revelation 3:20, Song of Solomon 5:6, John 7:17

  • You are not opening the door because you don’t Obey him. Once you Obey him, he will Speak to you and You will open the Door.
  • John 10:3 Gate Keeper ( who is the gate keeper)
  • Sometimes the Gate keepers refuse Jesus to enter the church and so Jesus knocks and if any Sheep hears His voice, they rush to the gate but meet with the gate keeper. They need to face the gate keeper. Gate keeper can be a Jezebel in the church
  • Jezebel always looks for the head of the Church and try to put them down.
  • Manipulative spirit… Some people give with wrong intentions. E.g. giving Pastors gift so that when it is time for pastor to say the truth concerning an issue or wrong you did, he will not say it.

Day 3 – Life Of Samson

Judges 13:24
Holy Spirit has been around since the foundation of this world. Not just on the day of Pentecost

Kindly watch the full video above. God Bless You!

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