In you just being you results in your fruitfulness in life, so much depends on the degree of your genuineness to yourself or how openly truthful you are to yourself. Many of us creates a mask, an impression of who we are not and we end up living a lie for the rest of our lives and then we miss out on what God has destined us to be,because of not being who they are, who they are meant to be.

Your identity never changes because you have moved from one location to another. YOU are that person that GOD destined you to be, YOU are that person. The moment you see that you are being swept away from who you are or what you are destined to be, begin to take a step back from that way and rethink.

If you loose your identity you have lost yourself. YOU do not need to be your neighbour you just need to be yourself.

Remember people who made an impact in scriptures knew who they were. ACTS 9. There are certain things God speaks to you uniquely, that you need to hold dear. Take a look at Moses, Noah, David, Solomon and Paul even the prodigal son, if you read the Scriptures it says “When he came to himself” it means the person having to come to a realisation of who they are.

Jesus locates himself in scriptures, no wonder he had such impact. Luke 4 vs 18 downwards. There is power in you being you.

You being yourself simply entails, not only your identity but it comes with three basic things :

1. It talks about you having to have an understanding of your past( History), when you understand your past, you begin to do things differently. You are not scared or intimidated of someone else´s history.

2. Having to understand your current environment.

3. No one except God can tell you who you are not.

You can only be fruitful if you know who you are. Eccelesiastes 12 vs 13 and 14.

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