Calvary greetings in Jesus Name & Welcome into this new year and month of January 2023.

This is our year of Divine Elevation & Fulfilment.

Scripture: Matt.25:1-13, Acts 16:23-27

5 Quick Preparatory Prayer Bullets:
  • Father, uproot completely every spirit of stubbornness and pride & their source from my life, children and family in Jesus Mighty Name.
  • Lord Jesus, do not allow the failures, pains, challenges & mistakes of 2022 to follow me to 2023 IJN.
  • Holy Spirit of God, please forgive me for silencing your voice in my life & not fully following your Divine guidance in 2022, IJN.
  • Father, please wipe away all my tears as you renew in me a right spirit & prepare me for the year 2023, in Jesus Mighty Name.
  • Father, let all my pursuers & those that are pursuing me be completely stopped by the Fire of God at the gates of 2023 in IJN.

1.Father, thank you for your mercy and for gracefully and victoriously ushering me & my family into the year 2023

2. Lord Jesus,  in 2023, I completely disconnect myself from any excess baggage that slowed my progress in 2022, IJMN.

3. By the power in the Blood of Jesus, this year 2023, I cancel all ancestral covenants, curses and limitations that freely operated in my life in 2022 & render them powerless in Jesus Mighty Name.

4. Holy Spirit divine, sanitize every area of my life this year 2023 by your fire in Jesus Mighty Name.

5. Father, cut me loose from all my FreEnemies (i.e. enemies that pretend to be friends) in Jesus Mighty Name.

6. Let every demonic agents assigned to my downfall in 2023 instantly receive the wrath & arrow of God in Jesus Mighty Name.

7. Father, blind, shatter to pieces and completely destroy by fire any monitoring spirits,  agents and devices planted in my life in 2023.

8. Father, paralyse, neutralise & undo any demonic covenants placed or shall be placed/hidden this year 2023 in the stars, moon, the sun & other celestial/heavenly bodies to work against my & that of my family in Jesus Mighty Name.

9. Let all satanic covens & evil schemes planned against me & my family be instantly destroyed by the Fire of God, IJN

10. Father,  send your chariots of fire to vigorously pursue, overtake and recover in full all that the devil has stolen from me & family in 2022, in Jesus Mighty Name.

11. By the authority in the Blood of our Lord Jesus,  let arrows of confusion and destruction be shot into the camp of the enemy whenever they gather plan evil against me & my family IJMN.

12. In 2023, I command & declare my divine destiny-helpers to timely locate me in Jesus Mighty Name.

13. Father, this year 2023, make a way for me where there seems to be no way in every aspect of my life & that of my family, in Jesus Mighty Name.

14. Lord Jesus,  I receive grace to genuinely serve you & to spend and be spent for the Gospel of Truth, in Jesus Mighty Name.

15. I declare that my star shall be unveiled and locate me this year in Jesus Mighty Name.

16. Father, by your authority, I command the Heavens to open for me & all that is called by my name in 2023, in Jesus Mighty Name.

17. Father, in 2023, hide all my weaknesses under the Blood of Jesus away from the power of darkness, in Jesus Mighty Name.

18. Father, by your fire, consume every unholy desires and lusts hidden in my life this year, in Jesus Mighty Name.

19. Lord Jesus, let your balm of Gilead heal every wound in my life in Jesus Mighty Name.

20. In 2023, i hand over all my battles to the Lord Jesus & I declare victory upon every battle in Jesus Mighty Name.

21. This year, I shall not miss out on the blessings of any month in 2023, IJMN.

22. I declare that 2023 shall be my year of Divine  Health, Healing & Breakthrough,  in Jesus Mighty Name

23. Oh Lord my Father, make me too hot for any diseases of the Egyptians to ever locate me & my family in 2023, in Jesus Mighty Name.

Thank God in advance for answered prayers.

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