1. The brain; Man you are expected to be the think tank of the family. You are expected to make decisions for your family. Genesis 3 vs 9.

2. You must be their eyes. You must have a vision for the family. You can not lead without vision. Proverbs 29 vs 18

3. You need to be the nose of the family. Able to disarm. You have to be spiritual to be able to disarm what the devil has planned. Proverbs 4 vs 7. You have to give your children life, Encourage and support them.

4. You need wisdom. No man will be successful without wisdom. Wisdom tells you to be humble.

5. You are to fight for your wife and children justly. You have to defend your family, both physically and in a place of prayer. 

6. Be their ears. Be an attentive Listener.

7. Be a skull to them. Support them, protect them, house them;Your family. You are to shield them from the enemies.

8. Be the skin to them, Be a covering to them. Pray at all times for your family. Luke 22 vs 31-32. You must provide coverage.

Make their lives beautiful not misrable. 1 Timothy 5vs 8.

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