The men’s ministry in Solution Centre is established with a good vision to reach out to all men, edify and empower them. It is totally committed and dedicated to helping all men to be the godly men God has called them to be. Another vision of the men’s ministry is to do everything possible to assist men to also develop the godly character to enable them to influence the world for Christ. The group exists to organise prayer meetings and co-ordinate activities such as bowling and picnic for families. These provide opportunities for men to network. Our purpose is to provide men in the “house” with opportunities and resources to The Princes’ mandate is to build men of integrity through regular meetings where they are able to bond with one another and talk about issues particular to men. The group is also involved in the Mandate Men’s Ministry and seeks to encourage men to support the ministry.


Prayers might have been defined as communicating alternative with GOD, but we at Solution Centre find the more advanced definition to prayer, it’s more than communicating alternative, it’s also a way for us to keep tribulations, obstacles out of the way. Though the obstacles might come to you, it doesn’t mean that the prayers haven’t taken effect, prayers are the weapon we use for us to have the ability to go through anything that comes away ways. For these reasons we commonly referred to our prayer team as the God’s army. The prayer department intercedes on behalf of the church. They meet regularly for vigils, prayer meeting and occasionally conduct prayer chains. They pray for Sweden and the world in general, the church and prayer requests from members and non-members of the church. They sometimes undertake prayer visits to people’s home if requested to do so. If you want you to become a member or send your prayer request, please email it to the


The department is responsible for leading the congregation in praise and worship songs into the presence of God. The mission of the choir is to create an environment for the manifest presence of God by worshipping God in spirit and truth.


This is the protocol department of the church. The mission of this department is to ensure a quiet, stress-free atmosphere during meetings. They also encourage people to focus on God fully without distraction when they come to church. The job of the protocol department includes welcoming visitors to the church and dealing with any emergency that may occur during the service. The ushers take care also of its maintenance duties before, during and after the church services. With our protocol department, you are bound to the treated like royalty. You can also be rest assured that you would have a stress free encounter in the presence of God.


The primary call of this ministry is to evangelise the city of Stockholm and of course the world. Their activities also include follow up on members, visitors and new converts. This group visit visitors to the church at home and also conducts home bible studies for members that are interested.


The children’s ministry of Solution Centre is a unique Bible school, designed to teach children ages zero to ten years. Bible messages through different activities and experiences to enable them to gain early insight and way to Jesus Christ, His love and how they can easily respond to that great love. The teachings are aimed at helping the children to discover to Jesus Christ, learn to pray and many more. The children are therefore put in a separate class (room) every day where they are taught Bible messages in which the concepts are not beyond their ages. They learn and develop at their own pace. They watch Christian video play with toys, write, draw, paint pictures, sing, dance, eat etc. Love, peace and joy in Jesus’ Name.


Solution Centre Women’s Fellowship is the umbrella ministry for all women at RCCG. This gathering provides an environment of fellowship, prayer, bible study and the opportunity to grow together spiritually. Its ministry is particularly directed at the mature woman. Nonetheless, it is open to any woman in need of the support of this ministry and prayer. They meet from time to time to spend time together in fellowship, relaxation and enjoy one another’s company